Full moon february 3 astrology

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Astrologers often consider Full Moons to heighten the opposing forces in your life, because a Full Moon is in direct opposition to the Sun. This means inner conflict and mixed feelings might come to the forefront, leading to unwanted tension in your life. But the Full Moon is also the time to complete any goals you may have set for yourself during the last lunar event — the February 4 New Moon. Mr Partridge said the Supermoon will appear in Virgo and in conjunction with the fixed star Regulus, which is a bright star in the constellation Leo. Regulus appears in the heart of Leo the Lion and will give the Supermoon confidence and independence.

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  • FULL MOON FEBRUARY ASTROLOGY MEANING - Moon Phases: How Does The New Moon Affect Us??
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You may also feel a strong urge to break free of all rules and limitations thanks to the influence of Mars and Uranus in conjunction. Read more about your daily horoscope with astrologer Russell Grant here.

New Moon in Aquarius 4th February 2019

Whilst Aquarius is associated with being cool and detached, this Moon has extra emotional kick given that Mars is heading towards a conjunction with modern Aquarius ruler Uranus. Old Aquarius ruler Saturn too has just entered a dance with intense Pluto.

This Week in Astrology

It feels like there is an urgent desire to complete a task or change in our lives because we know that there is heavy work ahead and we need to be prepared. Some of us could feel out of our depth, afraid of rejection or just tired of treading water. That way we can tap into the best this chart has to offer.

We need to make big decisions with confidence and have the commitment to carry them forward. Sometimes, the people who are most successful are the ones who think outside of the box, yet they also know how to play the system to their advantage. The big businessman reminds us that the buck stops here.


Keep your cool. Moon Phases.

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