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In one test, 27 Indian astrologers, with the appropriate horoscopes, failed to determine the intelligence difference between neurotypical and mentally disabled children at a rate higher than that determined by chance alone in a double blind test. The astrologers had, on average, 14 years experience. A team of astrologers from one astrologers' institute also performed at chance expectation. The president of the Maharashtra Astrological Society claimed to be able to predict sex and intelligence 60 per cent of the time each, but he performed no better than chance in double blind conditions.

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Pisces Horoscope – Pisces Horoscope

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Retrieved 6 July Astronomical Society of the Pacific.

May Personality and Individual Differences. To optimise the chances of finding even remote relationships between date of birth and individual differences in personality and intelligence we further applied two different strategies. The first one was based on the common chronological concept of time e. The second strategy was based on the pseudo-scientific concept of astrology e. Sun Signs, The Elements, and astrological gender , as discussed in the book Astrology: Science or superstition? Yano, Michio. The Blackwell Companion to Hinduism.

Malden: Blackwell. Gonda Ed. University Grants Commission, Case No. Archived from the original on 12 March The Hindu. Archived from the original on 23 September The Times of India. They easily trust people. They have simple life.

Your Horoscope for the Week of September 9, 12222

They face dangers in early life and are sometimes courageous and at times timid. They develop friendship with leading and popular people. They do work after meticulously pondering over matters and issues. They drink more water. They commonly become popular because of their easygoing nature. They tend to be more emotional rather than rational. They have limited concentration and will power. They are gifted with commanding and impressive personality. You might spend on luxuries but you should refrain from luxury expenses because there may be financial problems otherwise.

In the last few years, you were may focused more on yourself. Yearly astrology predictions for the Pisces say this is a year to admire your social life. This may be a good year to reconnect with lost love or past friends.

The Week Ahead for Pisces

Your social life would be charming this year. Try to build your social skills as this may help you in many areas of life. You would like to spend time with your loved ones this year. If you are a Pisces man looking for romance, summer is the ideal time for you and if you fall in love this year, then you should be sincere and could try to last that love forever.

This would make your social life much easier. You will have lot of physical energy and as well as mental energy. Try to mix up but in a healthy way. Do your best to relax and take care of your mental health. Pisces is the twelfth and the last sign of the zodiac. Pisces is a dreamy and romantic sign. This is a highly creative charming sign.

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Pisces zodiac sign is symbolized by the two fishes swimming in the opposite direction. Pisces are as versatile as many fishes in the ocean. Pisceans live in the imaginary world and they are the greatest dreamer. They look life through the glass of gold, which may not be always charming for the practical life. When encountered by reality, Pisceans find it hard to bear the real aspect of the life.

Sometimes they may become too lazy and day dreamer. This makes them too keen to sacrifice the interest of their close friends and their near and dear ones.

Pisces fall under the water sign. The zodiac which fall under the water sign are too emotional by nature. Just like water, the emotions of Pisceans can be too deep and everlasting. The most important characteristics of Pisces sun sign are sympathetic, adaptable, sappy, thin skinned, tolerant and imaginative. The positive qualities of Pisces are that they love to dream.


They love to dwell in their dream and hardly notice people around them. They are intellectual people who set their rules for themselves. The most prominent negative characteristics of Pisceans are that they are too lazy.